Friday, June 25, 2010

Backpacking Europe '09 - Girona - not Barcelona

A little background on this photo. Before we had gotten into Barcelona we had split up our group of three because one of our guys had bought the wrong plane tickets. We flew on an airline similar to Jet Blue called Ryan Air...and I thought I was going to die. Everyone cheered as we landed which seemed appropriate haha.. We slowly came to the realization that we were not in Barcelona. We were in Girona. We flew into the wrong city... The plane ticket said "GIR" with "BARCELONA" written underneath it...straight trickery. I assumed "GIR" was short for a different way of saying "Barcelona", kinda how Florence is Firenze in Italy. That's what you get for flying for $20 right? Anyways we spent the night in the city after the air stewardess helped us find a hostel where we could crash for the night. Here are some shots from the plane and the city!

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  1. HAHAHAHA! that was an amazingly funny story and these are amaaaazing pictures!


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