Saturday, June 26, 2010

Backpacking Europe '09 - Munich

This is going back to the beginning. Welcome to Munich, Germany!. Long flight from LAX and ready. I needed to meet up with the others because we had all bought different flights into the city. Evidently my luck seemed to be following me around like a black cloud because the hotel inside the airport where we were supposed to meet did not exist. Hotel Theresienhof was only ten minutes away, but I wondered if we would all find each other since none of us had a way of communicating with each other. John had landed four hours before in Munich and Nathan had landed 4 hours before in Frankfurt which is about FOUR hours away hahah.. I rode the bus and on arrival out of the hotel popped John. We walked around town and got some photos. Later that night Nathan had SOMEHOW made it to our location and busted into our room. Miraculous.

Germany is a beautiful place to visit. I definitely recommend it if you are doing any traveling.


  1. nathan's socks and sandals!

    also are those the same bricks that are on your business cards?

  2. haha no my business card photo is from Switzerland!

  3. hahaha i didn't even notice that! chocos must be worn with socks! well... it's more comfortable that way.

  4. Um. Can I ALSO just say that the first thing that I noticed was Nathan's socks + chocos. Ohhh Nathan...


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