Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Backpacking Europe '09 - Milan

We left Switzerland really late and got into Milan, Italy even later. Soon as we got to Milan we wanted to leave. Not what we expected at all. We walked around for a few hours at around 2 in the morning looking for this little hostel that I swear did not exist. People pointed us to hostels but they were all closed for the night. We tried to just leave Milan all together, unfortunately all the trains had stopped moving for the night so we were stuck. We eventually found some stray Americans who helped us find a hostel.

Here are a few shots from Milan. We got out of there quick..


  1. hahah. "stray americans." i like it.

  2. i really really like these enoch!!! :)

  3. hahaha "stray" american cute girls more like it! bwahahaha. AND they were scared of us! we got directions through a locked gate! hahahaha good times man.


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